A new experience of beauty

The extraordinary beauty of the South of Umbria overwhelmed Lord Byron and won over talented painters, such as Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, who made this land immortal in their works, which are now displayedall over the world.
From the XVII century onward, these places were one the obligatory stops of the Grand Tour, the journey that young aristocrats, European scholars and artists made to explore Italy and be inspired by its most precious treasures.
Today’s visitors of the Enchanted Valley renew their wonder at its discovery.
Its itineraries between ART, HISTORY and NATURE will change your idea of beauty.
Have a nice trip!

The Itineraries of the Enchanted Valley

ART - A new
experience of beauty

The extraordinary richness and complexity of visions leading one to anotherthroughout centuries create an original path throughancient, modern and contemporary art inside and outside museums.


ARCHAEOLOGY – Throughout

The Via Flaminia, running along the Enchanted Valley, invites us to go back in time and revealsa marvellous past embraced by a lush nature.


appealing and enhanting visitors

A journey into the distant past of our land and back to its present and still enchanting Nature, to discover how it was formed and what animals lived here in ancient times.